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 Calacatta Gold Quartz Vanity Top With Double Sink


Aosta Quartz export quartz stone to all over the world. In particular, America. Australia and Canada have important ratio on our export amount. The white, gray, black and calacatta color are hot-sale designs among these countries.


Cut To Size Available Prefab Vanity Top Available



Product description

Quartz stone is rich in color and texture, which is the breakthrough of "imitation stone" in artificial stone. Quartz stone has quickly become the new favorite of decorative materials due to its advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-permeability, non-toxic and non-radiation.

Usage: kitchen countertop, bathroom tops, bar tops, washing room tops,
window sills top, dressing top, Dinner tops, stair, steps, door entry, and so on

Popular Countertop Size:
A: Kitchen countertop : 108''x25.5",98''x25.5'',96''x25.5''.
B: Vanity top: 36"X22" 25"X22", 37"X22", 49"X22", 72"X22"
C: Island Top: 96"X26", 108"X26", 96"X36" ,72''x36",72''x39",36"x78",39"x78"
D: Snack Bar top: 12"x78",15"x78"
E: Splashes: 4'' or 6'' or 8''

Kitchen Sink Size:
For the kitchen, standard measurements are:
• single-basin sinks - 25 inches long, 21-22 inches wide, 8-9 inches deep
• Double-basin sinks - 33 or 36 inches long, 21-22 inches wide, 8-9 inches deep
• Triple-basin sinks - 33 inches long, 21-22 inches wide, 6, 8, 10 inches deep
• Bar sinks - 15-25 inches long, 15 inches wide, 5 ½-6 inches deep
Other customized sizes.

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, laminated 4cm (2+2cm);
Laminated 3cm (1cm+ 2cm) and other thickness according to your project's need.